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Product Name: - Hydrogen Water Stick  (Active Hydrogen Saturated Water Generator) Contain Element: - 100% natural mineral ingredients - Mineral Beads, Calcium Alkali Ball, Tourmaline Ceramic Ball, Mineral Ceramic Ball & Nanosilver Resin Product Descriptions: - Hydrogen concentration: 800ppb - Minus ORP of -300 to -600mV and active hydrogen function - PH 7.0 to 8 mild alkaline function - Maintain and balance the mineral ion - Anti-bacteria effect - Make water into micro-cluster The method of use: Step 1 - Rinse the stick in running water (do not use detergent ) Step 2 - Put the stick into the (below 500ml) plastic bottle and refill it with drinking/ filtered water.(DO NOT PUT THE STICK IN other mix liquid, example: coffee ,tea or juices). Step 3 - You will be able to drink the water which is Active Hydrogen Saturated and ORP -300mV to -600mV after 6 to 8 hours. How to Know Hydrogen Is Generated? You will know that the stick is generating hydrogen gas from the formation of small bubbles (hydrogen) around the stick. In cases where these bubbles cannot be seen, the generation of hydrogen gas will still be apparent due to expansion of the sealed water bottle from the gas pressure 6 to 8 hours after the stick has been inserted. If you squeeze the bottle, you can feel the pressure built up inside the bottle (the bottle feels hard). When you open the bottle after 6 to 8 hours, you will also notice a popping sound being made by the gas escaping when the top is opened (similar to opening a bottle of coke or carbonated soft drink bottle). Cautions: a) Use water which is less than 45ºC b) Do not expose the stick to direct sunlight c) Pour the water into a glass to drink for avoid choking and to maintain hygiene of the water stick d) Do not shake too hard to avoid natural mineral powder from leaking out into the water e) Once the stick has been used it should remain immersed in the water and not exposed to air (this is to prevent the raw materials from becoming deteriorated through oxidation by the oxygen in the air). Life Expectancy: 3 Months after you start using Dimensions: 70mm x 20mm (L x B) Weight: 16g
Hydrogen Water Stick
How Do You Measure The Hydrogen Inside The Water? By using REDOX/ORP METER, you can measure the concentrations of  minus electron hydrogen in a plastic water bottle. Soon after you place a “ Hydrogen Water Stick ” into a plastic soft drink water bottle, you will find that it starts generating active and molecular hydrogen. Within 8 hours, you will find that the soft drink water bottle will be saturated with atomic and molecular hydrogen. The hydrogen water stick has an ORP reading of -300 to - 600 mV.  In a measurement test done (by the manufacturer of Hydrogen Water Stick) of tap water and a few water samples from various brands of mineral water, it was found that none of them contained water with atomic and molecular hydrogen in them except water which the Hydrogen Water Stick was used. (Refer a redox potential of various water to figure1 below).  It has long been established that active oxygen species (i.e. free radical, reactive oxygen species) can cause many types of damages to biomolecules and cellular structures that can result in the development of a variety of pathologic states such as diabetes, cancer and aging. With water that contain sufficient minus electron hydrogen / active hydrogen, it can remove free radicals and prevent the causes of many illnesses. Medical research indicates that 90 % of the causes of many illnesses are the result of the accumulation of acidic waste, which is produced by active oxygen species (free radicals).  Almost all diseases (as well as aging) are related to the oxidation of healthy cells by excessive reactive oxygen species (i.e. free radicals, active oxygen species) in the body. Therefore, by drinking Hydrogen-Rich water, it may result in improving and preventing the following diseases :   Diabetes, ED (Erectile Dysfunction), heart disease, arthritis, cancer, abnormal gastrointestinal fermentation, dehydration, chronic diarrhea, migraines, indigestion, high blood pressure, obesity, osteoporosis and psoriasis.
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What Other Health Benefits Are There In The Hydrogen Water Stick? a) pH 7.0 to 8 Mild Alkaline Function pH refers to the “potential of Hydrogen” and its activity level in fluids. Many people today have an overly acidic pH due to drinking colas, improper food combinations, and consumption of processed foods, stress and pollution. In short, too much acidic waste in your body from eating too much meat, processed food and other acidic food is harmful to our health. The key is to flush out the excess acid load. The HYDROGEN WATER STICK raises the alkalinity of the extra cellular fluid that surrounds your cells. An alkaline, versus acidic, environment is believed to be one of the major deterrents to tissue damage, aging and the growth of disease organisms. When your body consists of a more neutral to alkaline environment, the body has the ability to heal itself naturally. There are many books written by medical doctors on the positive impact of reducing the acidic state in our body and raising the alkalinity level in our body. Leading scientists and health practitioners have stated that the majority of the western population are suffering the effects of acidosis in body tissues which is believed by many to be the prime cause of degenerative disease. Modern lifestyles, diets, stress and environmental pollution all contribute to an excess acid load. Dr Theodore Baroody in his book ‘Alkalize or Die’ states ‘the countless names attributed to illness do not really matter. What does matter is that they all come from the same root cause…too much tissue acid waste in the body.’ Excess tissue acid waste manifests itself in fatigue, inflammation, reduced immunity and premature aging. In the informative book ‘The Acid Alkaline Food Guide’ by Dr Susan E Brown and Larry Triveri Jnr they list the following conditions amongst several others which are attributed to chronic low grade metabolic acidosis in the body. • Loss of calcium in the urine, the dissolution of bone and the development of osteoporosis. • The loss of potassium and magnesium stores from the body, with a resulting tendency towards hypertension and inflammation, as well as the pain associated with inflammation. • Suppression of growth hormone, insulin like growth factor, and other pituitary hormones causing suboptimal tissue renewal and hormone dysfunction. • Accelerated aging from accumulated acid waste products. • Increased production of free radicals- unstable molecules that cause cellular damageresulting in the worsening of pain and inflammation, and the lowering of immune capacity. • Increased risk of kidney stone formation • Decreased efficiency of cellular ATP energy production, causing impaired cellular function and, eventually, impaired organ function. • Encouragement of the growth and spread of naturally occurring yeast and fungi, which thrive in an acid terrain. • Creation of a mild form of hypothyroidism (low thyroid function) and a chronic overproduction of the stress hormone cortisol, resulting in various negative effects on the body. • Sub optimal liver detoxification, potentially causing a build up of toxic residues in the body. The list of specific diseases that have been connected with excess tissue acid waste and the damage done by harmful free radicals is extensive and includes the following: • Cardiovascular disease including the build up of cholesterol deposits • High Blood Pressure, • Diabetes, • Cancers • Hypothyroidism, • Osteoporosis, • Arthritis • Kidney Problems, • Gastro Intestinal Inflammation • Skin problems including eczema, • Gout, • Candida infections Drinking alkaline ionised water is beneficial for any health complaint where there is excess tissue acidity and damage being caused by free radicals. It helps to neutralise the harmful acidic wastes and flush them out of the body. It also neutralises unstable free radical molecules by supplying electrons. It also supplies additional oxygen to the cells where oxygen levels are low due to the excess acidity. b) Make Water Into Cluster For Better Body Absorption of Water The water you drink from your faucet differs from the water that surrounds your tissues and cells. Tap water has a surface tension of 73 dynes. HYDROGEN STICK has the ability to lower the surface tension of the water. Your blood is 90% water and this facilitates the transport of nutrients directly into your cells and helps the removal of toxins from the body. c) Increase Cellular Health The 75 trillion cells in your body have to communicate with one another in order to maintain life. This intricate system of communication is achieved through electrons. Electrons cannot move in the body without hydrogen. Our muscles, blood and nerve cells are considered electric tissues, and these electrons from the negatively-charged hydrogen ions can help tp move nutrients  from and to our cells and control the pressure inside and outside the cells. In short, better healthy cells at the cellular level.
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Hydrogen Water Pack and Hydrogen Water Stick
Hydrogen (H2) Water Pack (Ready-to-Drink)
hydrogen water for cancer treatment
H2 Water pack is a ready-to-drink hydrogen-rich water with a high negative ORP of minus 650 mV. It contains up to 800 to 1200 ppb of dissolved hydrogen in each pack. The water is manufactured in Korea by injecting hydrogen gas into the water via high pressure technology. The water is packed with a 4-layered aluminium package which prevents UV ray from entering the packet and vacuum sealed tight to prevent dissolved hydrogen from escaping. The water pack can be consumed within 12 months from date of manufacturing. Now, you can drink hydrogen-rich water anywhere you go. Available from Feb 2015 onwards.
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Price: $86 per stick (singapore Dollar)
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