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ARUI H2 Hydrogen Maker Ellaim - 1.8 litre
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Generate hydrogen-rich water in just 3 minutes with one-touch button or 5 minutes Portable and Light Hydrogen produced by advance electrolysis method 1.8 litre water jug Plug and play no need to setup Use only filtered water / tap water or mineral water PH: 7.8 (Neutral - same as human body) ORP Level: Minus -350 mV (after 6 minutes) Weight: 1 kg Size: 75mm x 136mm x 300 mm Input: 100-240V, 50-60Hz, 0.35A Output : DC 12V, 1A Capacity: 1.8 litre Components: Body, Jug, Lid, Power Adapter, Filter Box  One-Year Warranty
Product Specifications:
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This Video Shows How Hydrogen Water Prevents Oxidation
Hydrogen Rich Water IOnzier Antioxidant Water
The Latest Invention To Produce Hydrogen Through Electrolysis In Just 3 Mins! Super Fast!
Drink Hydrogen Water To Reduce Oxidiative Stress Which Causes 90% of All Chronic Illness. Start Healing Your Body NOW!
The Latest Invention To Produce Hydrogen Through Electrolysis In Just 3 Mins! Super Fast!
Makes Dissolved Hydrogen Gas FAST High Negative Oxidation Potential (-ORP) Non-Toxic Water Jug For Safe Drinking No Filters To Change or Buy Maintenance Free Easy To Clean Durable And Easy To Use Portable For Office, Home and Hospital Use ARUI Korea Meets The Quality Management ISO 9001:2008 Standard
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The New Arui H2 Maker Ellaim now allows you to replace the platinum electrolyisis plate to increase your product lifespan and concentration of hydrogen gas production. Just twist and turn to replace a new one when needed. Rust and heavy metal componets found in the tap water may cause rust and metal residues to accmulate on the platinium plate and reduce the production of hydrogen gas. But, worry no more! When you purchase from us, you can be assured that you have the option to purchase the platinium plate for replacement at a very low cost. NOTE: The purchase of the platinum electrolysis plate is exclusively offered to customers who bought from www.hydrogenwater-stick.com or customers of Hanhwa Seoul Trading Singapore Pte Ltd only.